A-1 offers the WITS (WALZ Item Tracking System) software for tracking packages, assets and processes.

Use WITS to barcode, verify, manifest, trace, and report all items and processes that need to be tracked. WITS is the most versatile tracking software on the market.

What do you need tracked?

Asset Tracking: AV, Computers, Furniture, etc.

Consolidated Mail: Site to Site Pouching

Package Tracking: Incoming, Interoffice, Supplies

Carrier Tracking: UPS, FedEx, Airborne, etc

Banks: Courier Bags, Lock Box Receipts

Messengers: Pickup and Delivery, etc

Law Offices: Files, File Storage Boxes, Faxes,

Law Enforcement: Evidence, Property, Seizures, etc.

Job Tracking: Printing, Stock Room, Work Orders, Manufacturing

Hotels: Packages, Faxes, Luggage, etc

Hospitals: Lab Work, Files, Equipment, etc.

FIFO: Inventory, Gas Cylinders, etc