Logistics Solutions
Kitting and Assembly Services

Build to order/Build to stock

Expedited orders

Passive and active electrostatic discharge
(ESD) controls

Product labeling

Serial number generation, marking, and/or capture

Lot number generation, marking and/or capture

A-1’s kitting and assembly services include light assembly, specialized kitting and supplier-consigned inventory hubbing in our distribution facility.

A-1’s assembly service combined with our supplier-owned inventory hub service allows our clients to reduce cycle times, compress their supply chain and consolidate their operations and supplier management functions. Since we have supplier inventory management, assembly and fulfillment services all under one roof, you are able to increase flexibility in product line utilization, as well as reduce the response time necessary to change orders or packaging development.

Utilizing A-1 Logistics Solutions’ full menu of services and resources will allow you to collapse your supply chain into the minimal steps necessary to prepare your product for distribution to any channel. Whether for wholesale, mass merchant retail, or direct to the consumer, you no longer have to employ multiple providers, or request your suppliers to consign multiple inventory caches for each channel. Allow us to handle it all, while you benefit from substantial cost savings and reduced time to market.

With A-1 you are able to consolidate operations from a channel standpoint, and also from a geographic perspective. With our reporting and information management capabilities, you are guaranteed a complete, accurate and timely view of your inventory and distribution status, arming you with the data you need for faster, more effective decision-making and financial reconciliation.