Customer Resources


Did you know that due to the nature of our office service management and transportation business, we are in the unique position of being able to recommend numerous service and product related businesses to help you save money and provide you with excellent support.

Some of the areas with which we can help are:

carpeting/floor covering
architecture/space design
phones/long distance
copy/fax machines
office products
general contracting
electrical contracting
legal services
accounting services
plaster repair/painting
air conditioning/heating
security/fire alarm service


We would be happy to recommend any of the above services at no obligation or risk. Each of the vendors have been tested by us and by many of our customers and are committed to your satisfaction. A-1 will not act as middleman unless you specifically request us to do so.

Even if you have current vendors, it never hurts to have a backup or another bidder. Please keep us in mind as a resource to tap into at any time.

Call your local representative for information on our Network Referral Program (800) 891-6245.